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10 September 2006: Added 7 new photos of SR-71A #61-7977's cockpit at the Museum of Flight.

22 August 2006: Added 18 new photos of SR-71A #61-7971 from the Evergreen Aviation Museum.

17 August 2006: Added 8 new photos of the D-21 drone. Also added the ability to view multiple images from an image gallery all on one page.

9 August 2006: Added 8 new J58 photos, 20 photos of M-21 #60-6940, and 12 photos of SR-71A #61-7963.

8 August 2006: Completed the Castle Air Museum guide.

7 August 2006: Added five new Blackbird wallpapers.

18 May 2006: Improved search term highlighting by adding a JavaScript-based toggle mode.

7 May 2006: Moved to XHTML 1.1. I am still in the process of removing deprecated 'style' attributes from my pages, however.

3 May 2006: This site is now table-less and is moving ever so closer to being fully semantic.

28 April 2006: Completed the auto-generated site map project.

17 April 2006: Completed the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center museum guide.

14 March 2006: Added email address image protection to the guest book to prevent spam bots from collecting email addresses on this site.

12 March 2006: Reworked the SR-71A #61-7959 Image Gallery.

7 March 2006: Added Search Engine Highlighting.

23 February 2006: Reworked the F-22 Image Gallery.

12 February 2006: Brought back the guest book.

11 February 2006: Added 20 new photos of the Titan Missile Museum.

7 November 2003: Despite my increasingly busy schedule, there have been some much needed updates to release. Check out the new SR-71A #967 disassembly photos, the updated locations page, and the overhauled Blackbird Wallpaper section. Much more to come if I ever get the time.

20 June 2003: Updated the SR-71 airframe information pages for #967, #971, and #956.

18 June 2003: New section: Blackbird Wallpaper.

27 September 2002: Added new information to the Blackbird Archive courtesy of Peter W. Merlin.

16 September 2002: New Feature: Blackbird Events, & photos from the event at the USAF Museum. Updated the Blackbird Archive, SR-71 Locations, and Blackbird Locations.

4 September 2002: New photos of SR-71A #61-7968, SR-71A #61-7972, and A-12 #60-6925, and new J58 images. Updated the Links, Blackbird Patches, Blackbird Movie Gallery, SR-71 Simulator, Legal, About, and Contact pages. Also, introducing the new SR-71 Online Search and Message Boards. More updates on the way. I would just like to get these out now.

14 July 2002: Minor updates made to the Homepage, Blackbird Links, Blackbird Locations, A-12 Locations, SR-71 Locations, Blackbird Losses, The Blackbird Archive, The Military Aircraft Information Gallery, and Trivia homepage.

17 April 2002: New site updates released.

8 February 2002: Started working on new site design. Hope to launch by mid-April.

6 October 2001: Updated the Links Section.

10 September 2001: Clarification to falsely presented material: SR-71A #967 is headed to the 8th Air Force Museum at Barksdale AFB, LA and NOT the USAF Academy. Although, there is rumor that the USAF Academy is seeking a Blackbird for display. More updates to follow.

9 August 2001: 10 new starter cart photos.

8 August 2001: Nearly 150 new photos of five Blackbirds, including A-12s #930, #937, and #938 as well as SR-71As #958 and #959.

18 July 2001: Released the SR-71 Flight Manual.

7 July 2001: Complete rework of the SR-71A #61-7976 image gallery with 35 new photographs, including 20 shots of the cockpit. Also, a complete rework of the YF-12A #60-6935 image gallery with 22 new photographs. All old photos were replaced with these newer and clearer images. There are now over 250 images in the Blackbird Image Gallery.

13 June 2001: SR-71A #61-7967 has been verified as going to the United States Air Force Academy. I will post more information when it moves and any ceremonies for it there afterwards.

8 June 2001: No site updates, but the release of sad news. I was notified today that SR-71A #61-7967 is currently being de-engined and is about to have its wings cut. It is about to be sent to an unidentified museum. More to come when information becomes available.

27 May 2001: Added a new photo of the YF-23.

22 May 2001: Two years since the launch of this site at Thanks to all of those who have visited and contributed over the years.

10 May 2001: Added two additional images of the #962 rollout courtesy of Alan Johnson. Added eight images of SR-71C #981 courtesy of Jack Sheehan.

16 April 2001: Added image of the #962 rollout at Duxford courtesy of Alan Johnson.

8 April 2001: Updated Search Results Template.

1 April 2001: New site launched.

31 December 2000: Updated the Links page.

21 December 2000: Reworked the guestbook to have 25 entries per page.

15 December 2000: Updated the Aviation Links Page.

23 November 2000: Added the NASA Dryden Miscellaneous Photos section and updated the SR-71 Simulator page.

27 October 2000: Moved to new servers at We apologize for the site outage this week. Overhauled YF-12 and SR-71 pages. Working on the M-21 and D-21 pages. Updated the Newsletter Archive.

6 October 2000: Overhauled the A-12 page and updated the Aviation Links page.

2 October 2000: Administered a few areas of the site where errors were reported.

23 September 2000: Updated Aviation Links and added Links to US Air Force web sites.

17 September 2000: Updated Blackbird Links and Aviation Links pages.

16 September 2000: Added the Blackbird Losses section.

15 September 2000: Banners removed from site completely.

8 September 2000: Changed the SR-71 Online header on the homepage.

3 September 2000: Added a new section - SR-71 Simulator.

26 August 2000: Added a new section - Blackbird Locations by State/Region.

24 August 2000: Added a new set of questions (61-70) to Blackbird Trivia.

23 August 2000: Added a new set of questions (51-60) to Blackbird Trivia, worked on questions 61-70, updated the Blackbird Flight Hours courtesy of Peter Merlin, added meta tags to the Blackbird Image Gallery, Blackbird Archive, and Blackbird Trivia. Also received new information on the D-21 Locations.

22 August 2000: Added two new sets of questions (31-40 and 41-50) to Blackbird Trivia.

21 August 2000: Updated the Newsletter Archive.

20 August 2000: Added six new patches to the Blackbird Patch Page.

14 August 2000: Updated the Blackbird Flight Hours page courtesy of Peter Merlin.

8 August 2000: Overhauled the About page, the Blackbird Records page and updated the Copyright Information.

6 August 2000: Released the Groom Lake section which includes a brief overview of the test installation and 10 photos.

26 July 2000: Updated all Blackbird Locations lists. Included links to all of the Museum's web sites. Also updated the Aviation and Blackbird Links sections.

10 March 2000: I have posted phase #1 of a three phase addition and revision process. Phase #1 includes a Netscape glitch patch concerning the headings on all of the pages here at SR-71 Online and 15 new photos added to the photo gallery. Two new aircraft have been introduced to the photo gallery, the C-17 and F-18. Phase #2 will include 50 more photos and will be released at the beginning of April.

2 February 2000: Updated a link on the Aviation Links and Blackbird Links pages. Also updated the Aircraft of The Month.

30 January 2000: SR-71 Online reaches 10,000 hits. Fixed some minor errors reported.

13 January 2000: The New SR-71 Online is released to the public.

10 January 2000: SR-71 Online is approved by Amazon. The bookstore becomes a reality.

7 January 2000: SR-71 Online is almost ready for the new format to be released.

23 December 1999: This site turns one year old today. Since our opening on 23 December 1998, we have had more than 8800 visitors.

9 December 1999: Worked on the homepage a little. I created the "Make SR-71 Online Your Start Page" page. I also updated the news and started working on some other problems that I found.

1 December 1999: The new homepage is now up! It took a month to get that thing tweaked out, but it is now ready to serve as the page for Updated the Aircraft of the Month Page, the introduction page, and updates. Currently working with a former SR-71 mechanic on an interview page.

18 November 1999: Updated the start page by making the background music compatible with Netscape.

12 November 1999: Updated the starting page by adding a link to my new site at

1 November 1999: Updated the Aircraft of the Month Page and the site introduction. I worked on my Flight Simulator Page is currently under development.

24 October 1999: I updated the Blackbird News page and the Copyright Information Page. Also made a couple minor changes to some other pages.

23 October 1999: Worked on some of the format throughout the site. Updated the Blackbird Image Gallery. Also, I worked on the Copyright Information Page.

21 October 1999: I am back on the project. Now that things have begun to calm down, there will be some updates here at I am planning to add some more photos to the aircraft image gallery soon. We are now rated with RSAC.

6 October 1999: I have been extremely busy lately and I have not been able to work on the site at all not to mention I am in the process of creating a new site for Flight Simulator 2000 that will launch in November under the SR-71 Online Productions name. As for this site, I am in the process of replying mail so if you send/sent mail to me, you will get a reply soon.

10 September 1999: Updated several of the main pages with minor corrections that are not really noticeable. I updated the Blackbird Image Gallery, and added a link to the Blackbird Links Page.

2 September 1999:  I scanned some pictures from my trips to the USAF Museum, so therefore I created the USAF Museum Page. This page will be updated with more pictures when I am able to do so. I updated the introduction page and the news page. I changed the aircraft of the month for September. Worked on the photo archive and added an F-16 photo and an F-117 photo. I added 4 photos to the Blackbird Photo Archive. I created an aviation links page that can be found on the Other Military Aircraft Home Page. I modified the Blackbird Links page.

20 August 1999: Although I have not had a lot of time lately to work on the site, I have been making a few changes. I have been adding several photos to the aircraft image gallery. Soon, the gallery may have commercial airliners also. I am trying to work on the KC-135Q page, I have info, but no time to work on the page.

31 July 1999: All of the photos from the trip are now up. They can be viewed at the Blackbird Image Gallery. I am currently working on the Aircraft Image Gallery. Soon, there will be a Blackbird News page and a D-21 locations page.

23 July 1999: Started to scan images from my trip to California. Added 3 photos to the Blackbird Photo Gallery. I also added another J58 picture with can be viewed from the J58 page. I am working on a new version of the homepage that will be up as soon as I get Microsoft FrontPage 2000. I am working on adding about 20-30 new pictures to the Blackbird Photo Gallery alone, not to mention the other photos that I have collected of other aircraft. Don't bother reading the Blackbird Experience page until I say that I have updated it. It is much different and there are more things to say, MANY MORE. The sitemap needs to be worked on a little so please do not use it to view this site.

5 July 1999: I have been working on this site a little since the last report. I have mainly been working on a friend of mine's site. Hopefully, someday, I will have all of the midi files alphabetized and all of the favorite links managed in a similar fashion. I have been working on a thumbnail page for the blackbird photo gallery that I hope to have done in the near future. I am trying to concentrate on my other pages and let the Blackbird Archive go for a little while. I am thinking of having a random photo gallery for other aircraft that would specifically target the XB-70, F-117A, B-52, B-2, F-22, and YF-23. I will be going on a trip to California in the middle of July so there will be no updates until I return. I am going to Edwards Air Force Base and to Dryden Flight Research Center. I am also going to go to Blackbird Air Park. I hope that I can get good photos of all aircraft that I see on the trip. When I return I hope to have many new photos in the photo archive.

26 June 1999: I am taking a break from this site for awhile so there will be no new stuff released for quite some time. You can still contact me at my regular e-mail address, I will get back with you as soon as possible.