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Welcome to the external links section at SR-71 Online. The links have been broken down into categories for organizational convenience. If you have a related web site and would like to negotiate a link exchange, please suggest a link.


This web site has no control over the information provided in these links. They have been found suitable for general audiences, however their content cannot be guaranteed. The content of these sites may or may not represent the general opinion of this site.

Aircraft by Type Links

Links to sites dedicated to specific modern military aircraft including the A-10, C-17, F-15, F-16, and Joint Strike Fighter. Also, links to other unofficial military aircraft-related sites.

Air Force Base Links

Links to the official sites of most United States Air Force Bases in the United States as well as some from around the world.

Aviation Publications Links

Links to the official sites for publishing companies, magazines, and newsletters, both in printed and online form, free and paid-for subscriptions.

Aviation Art & Collectibles

Links to sites pertaining to aviation-related merchandise and memorabilia. This section provides links to manufacturers of scale models, aviation artwork and artists, apparel, and other related goods.

Blackbird Links

A list of several Blackbird-related sites on the Internet. Also, links to articles on the Blackbird and the museums where they are today.

Education in Aviation Links

Links to the sites of some aviation schools in the United States. Please submit any other known universities and colleges associated with the aviation industry.

Government/Military Aviation Links

The official sites to NASA facilities and other government-related aviation agencies. For military aviation-related sites that are unofficial, please check out the aircraft by type links.

Groom Lake Links

Links to sites dedicated to the Groom Lake test facility in the Nevada desert and other black projects. This site offers limited information on this subject and these sites are excellent resources for further research.

Please report all dead links. Thanks!