Groom Lake Test Facility

Existence Denied For Nearly 50 Years

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A site of this nature would be incomplete without mention of the facility where these aircraft were developed and tested before operational use. "Groom Lake," "The Ranch," "Area 51," and "Dreamland" are all names that have been associated with the Groom Lake facility in the Nevada desert.

This section of the web site is by no means comprehensive, and is not interested in expanding on the subject. The links section is highly recommended for further inquiry into places mentioned here. Furthermore, this site is not here to speculate as to what is happening at the facility. What you will find is a tourist's perspective and an overview of the obvious.

Groom Lake Area 2004 Photos

Photos from my July 2004 trip to Nevada. This section is more comprehensive than the 2000 photos as it includes pictures from Rachel, NV and of the Janet Terminal.

Groom Lake Area 2000 Photos

Photos from my 12 July 2000 trip to Tikaboo Valley. These pictures are lower in quality compared to the 2004 photos, but they include a picture of a Janet 737 in flight.

Groom Lake 2000 Trip Report

A brief article on the test facility offering some insight as to why it is being covered here and tells of my first visit to the area. This article correlates with the 2000 photos.

Groom Lake Links

Links to sites dedicated to the Groom Lake test facility in the Nevada desert and other black projects. This site offers limited information on this subject and these sites are excellent resources for further research.