Blackbird Patches

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Patch collecting is a hobby of many Blackbird fans. This archive contains images of some of the more memorable patches associated with the different programs. All patches in this section are available for purchase in aviation gift stores around the country. I suggest visiting Blackbird Airpark, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center's Gift Shop, and the aviation gift store in Lancaster, CA on Sierra Hwy.

Pratt & Whitney: In Thrust We Trust Dependable Engine Patch SR-71 HABU Patch 3+ Flight Test SR-71 Patch Cygnus Patch Det 4: Home of the Blackbird Patch
4786 Test Sq. Mach III Plus Patch PSD U-2/SR-71 Patch West Coast 1984 Patch 3+ Patch 1 May 65: SR-71/F-12 Test Force Patch