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This is Privacy Policy Version 1.1 and was last updated on 30 August 2002.

Section A: About This Site

This site is an information archive for the SR-71, YF-12, A-12, and D-21. It is maintained to preserve aviation history and to promote an interest in military aircraft. All content on this site is for educational purposes only.

Section B: E-mail Submissions

By writing to SR-71 Online, your personal information, including your name, e-mail address, and e-mail submission may be archived by the webmaster. Any personal information will never be disclosed to any third-party without explicit permission. The webmaster reserves the right to send you e-mail pertaining to new developments at this site only and to reciprocate in answering questions. You will never receive advertisement, nor any other third-party offer from this web site's mail servers.

Section C: Newsletter Subscription

As a subscriber of the SR-71 Online Newsletter, you adhere to allowing SR-71 Online to send occasional mailings pertaining to this web site only. The mailings may be in the form of notification or of a newsletter. By submitting your name and e-mail address via the newsletter subscription form, your transaction is not encrypted. SR-71 Online is not responsible for any privacy compromises in the rare case that such information is violated. Your name and e-mail address will be archived for the newsletter only. This site reserves no right to resell or compromise your information to third-party vendors.

Section D: SR-71 Online Store and Donations

SR-71 Online is not responsible for privacy compromises related to the SR-71 Online Store or donations through PayPal. The SR-71 Online merchandise store is handled by and their privacy policy must be consulted. The books at the SR-71 Online Store are sold through Finally, all donations are sent through a secure server by PayPal. Please contact these businesses if you have any concerns.

Section E: SR-71 Online Message Boards

SR-71 Online maintains an unmoderated message board system that is open to all. By posting personal information on the message board system, users open themselves to privacy violations by other members. SR-71 Online does not use the personal information provided by the members of this system, but cannot guarantee the actions of other members in using information in the discussion or in the personal profiles.