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This is Disclaimer/Copyright Information Version 4.1 and was last updated on 29 March 2002.

Section A: About This Site

This site is an information archive for the SR-71, YF-12, A-12, and D-21. It is maintained to preserve aviation history and to promote an interest in military aircraft. All content on this site is for educational purposes only.

Section B: Usage of Logos, Names, and Trademarks here at SR-71.ORG

All logos, names, and trademarks are used for identification purposes only. There are no agreements or affiliations with any of these organizations unless noted otherwise. All names, logos, and trademarks are property or copyrighted by their respectful owners.

Section C: Content Usage

This site is an information archive for military aircraft, specifically the SR-71, YF-12, A-12, and D-21. All content on this site is copyright SR-71 Online by Paul Kucher unless otherwise noted. Contributed information and references are clearly identified as copyrighted by another source. This site does not intend to infringe on the rights of other authors, photographers, and companies associated with the aviation industry. If something is questionable, please contact the webmaster.

Anything not credited is assumed to be public domain; if at any time content is found to have been without credit, a source may be given to it as soon as possible. For any content in this site that has been irresponsibly miscopyrighted, SR-71 Online/Paul Kucher disclaims the ownership of this material. Content found here may not be used for any purposes without permission from SR-71 Online unless otherwise stated. All design is copyright SR-71 Online/Paul Kucher.

Section D: Photo Usage

The only imagery on this site that permission may be granted for are those that are copyright SR-71 Online/Paul Kucher. Other photos, such as ones that are from Lockheed, NASA, and the USAF, may be obtained only by seeking permission from an appropriate authority. Any item not copyrighted is assumed to be public domain. All other content usage terms apply. SR-71 Online photos may be used if they are not altered in any way. No image may be resized or cropped to remove the copyright information. Permission is mandatory for all image usage.

Section E: The Use of SR-71 Online's URL

If you wish to add a link to this site from your site, linking is granted. However, it is asked of you to do the following things: 1.) When you add the hyperlink, direct the link to 2.) Do not make the link misleading, please describe it as "SR-71 Online: An Online Aircraft Museum." The link may look like this:

SR-71 Online: An Online Aircraft Museum