Section III: Emergency Procedures

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Table of Contents

Ground Operation3-4
 Engine Fire3-4
 Abandoning Aircraft on the Ground3-4
 Brake or Steering Failure3-6
 Tire Failure3-7
 Emergency Entrance3-7
Takeoff Emergencies3-7
 Propulsion System3-7
 Barrier Engagement3-16
 Landing Gear and Tires3-17
 In-Flight Emergencies3-18
 Emergency Descent3-29
 Fuel Dumping3-31
 Forced Landing or Ditching3-31
Propulsion System3-31
 Inlet Duct Unstart3-31
 Inlet Malfunction3-38A
 Manual Inlet Operation3-40
 Compressor Stall3-43
 Engine Flameout3-46
 Double Engine Flameout3-46
 Glide Distance - Both Engines Inoperative3-46
 Engine Shutdown3-50
 Single Engine Flight Characteristics3-53
 Single Engine Cruise3-53
 Afterburner Cutoff Failure3-57
 Afterburner Nozzle Failure3-57
 Abnormal EGT Indication3-58
 Accessory Drive System3-59
 Oil Quantity Low3-59
 Oil Pressure Abnormal3-59
 Oil Temperature Abnormal3-60
 Fuel Control Failure3-60
 Fuel-Hydraulic System Failure3-60
Other Systems3-61
 Fuel System3-61
 Electrical Power System3-66
 Hydraulic Power System3-71
 Stability Augmentation System3-75
 Air Data Computer3-84
 Pitot Static System3-84
 Environmental Control System3-84
 Life Support Systems3-87
 Emergency Warning System3-89
Landing Emergencies3-92
 Single Engine Penetration & Landing3-92
 Single Engine Go-Around3-93
 Landing Gear System Emergencies3-94
 Ventral Fin Emergency Retraction3-100
 Heavy Weight Landing3-100
 Cockpit Fog While Landing3-100