Section IV:
Navigation and Sensor Equipment

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Table of Contents

Astroinertial Navigation System - Tape 124-3
 System Interfaces4-3
 Modes of Operation4-3
 System Errors4-5
 System Components4-5
 Navigation Control/Display Panel4-6
 Computer Program4-12
 Mission Tape Program4-18
 Mission Modification4-25
 Normal Procedures4-38
  Ground Alignment4-38
  Ground Alignment Correct4-40
  Ground Hot Start4-40
  Cold Airstart4-41
  Hot Airstart4-44
  Select Dead Reckon4-45
  Runway Heading Alignment4-46
  Fill Present Position4-47
  Fill Wind4-47
  Fill Day and Time4-47
  Fill Day4-48
  Fill Magnetic Variation4-48
  Heading Update4-48
  Present Position Update, Using Remote Source Data4-49
  Present Position Update, Using Radar With RCD4-49
  Present Position Update, Using Viewsight4-50
  Present Position Update, Using TACAN (Tape Filled Point)4-50
  Present Position Update, Using TACAN (Anytime TACAN FP)4-51
  Recall Anytime TACAN FP4-52
  Present Position Update, Using Opportunity Viewsight FP4-52
  Track Leg Update4-53
  Direct Steer4-53
  Skip to DP4-54
  Delete FP, CP and DP, Clear 40 List4-54
  Add Anytime FP4-54
  Add or Replace FP, CP, DP4-55
  Normal Display4-56
  Display Selected FP, CP, DP4-56
  Display Next FP, CP, DP4-56
  Display Day of Year/Star Data4-57
  Display Heading4-58
  Display Present Position4-58
  Present Display4-58
  Display Tape Numbers4-59
 Malfunction Procedures4-59
Inertial Navigation System4-68
 INS Operation4-69
 Inertial Control Panel4-70
 INS Procedures4-73
Sensor Systems4-79
Power & Sensor Control Panel4-81
Technical Objective Camera4-81
 TECH Normal Procedures4-85
 TECH Malfunction Procedures4-85
CAPRE Side Looking Radar System4-86
 Radar Control Panel4-86
 SLR Normal Operation4-89
 SLR Malfunction Procedures4-89
Optical Bar Camera4-93
 OBC Control Panel4-95
 OBC Normal Procedures4-97
 OBC Malfunction Procedures4-99
EIP System4-99
 Digital Recorder4-100
 Continuous Analog Recorder4-100
 EIP Procedures4-101
V/H (FMC) System4-101
 V/H Procedures4-104
Optical Viewsight4-105
 Viewsight Control Panel4-105
 Viewsight Procedures4-108
Video Viewsight4-109
 Viewsight Controls4-109
 Viewsight Displays4-110
 Viewsight Procedures4-111
Exposure Control System4-115
Mission Recorder System4-117
Center of Gravity Calculator4-118
Defensive (DEF) Systems4-119
 Control Panel4-119
 Warning Panel4-123
A2 System4-123
C2 System4-129
H System4-132
M System4-146
Interface/Reliability Checks4-149
Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System (ASARS-1)*4-151
 Radar Control Panel*4-154
 Inflight Processor and Display (IPD)*4-155
 Operating Procedures*4-158
  Malfunction Procedures*4-159
  Image Position Update*4-159
  Altitude Update*4-160
  Spotlight Repositioning*4-160
Astroinertial Navigation System - Tape 134-161
 System Interfaces4-161
 Modes of Operation4-161
 System Errors4-163
 System Components4-163
 Navigation Control/Display Panel4-164
 Computer Program4-171
 Mission Tape Program4-177
 Mission Modification4-183
 Normal Procedures4-196
  Ground Alignment4-196
  Ground Alignment Correct4-198
  Ground Hot Start4-198
  Cold Airstart4-199
  Hot Airstart4-202
  Select Dead Reckon4-203
  Runway Heading Alignment4-204
  Fill Present Position4-205
  Fill Wind4-205
  Fill Day and Time4-205
  Fill Day4-206
  Fill Magnetic Variation4-206
  Heading Update4-206
  Present Position Update, Using Remote Source Data4-206
  Present Position Update, Using ASARS With IPD4-207
  Altitude Update, Using ASARS With IPD4-207
  Present Position Update, Using Viewsight4-207
  Present Position Update, Using TACAN (Tape Filled Point)4-208
  Present Position Update, Using TACAN (Anytime TACAN FP)4-208
  Recall Anytime TACAN FP4-210
  Present Position Update, Using Opportunity Viewsight FP4-211
  Track Leg Update4-211
  Direct Steer4-212
  Skip to DP4-212
  Delete FP, CP and DP, Clear 40 List4-212
  Add Anytime FP4-212
  Add or Replace Non-ASARS FP, CP, DP4-213
  Replace ASARS FP4-214
  Add or Replace ASARS CP4-214
  Normal Display4-215
  Display Selected FP, CP, DP4-215
  Display Next Non-ASARS FP, CP, DP4-216
  Display Day of Year/Star Data4-217
  Display Heading4-217
  Display Present Position4-217
  Present Display4-218
  Display Tape Numbers4-218
 Malfunction Procedures4-219

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