Section I: Description and Operation

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Table of Contents

The Aircraft1-4
Engine & Afterburner1-4
 Engine Fuel System1-9
 Afterburner Fuel System1-13
 Fuel Derich System1-13
 EGT Trim System1-14
 Inlet Parameters1-17
 Exhaust Nozzle & Ejector1-18
 Engine Bleeds1-19
 Engine Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV)1-19
 Oil Supply System1-21
 Engine Fuel Hydraulic System1-21
 Accessory Drive System (ADS)1-22
 External Starter1-22
 Chemical Ignition (TEB) System1-22
Air Inlet System1-31
 Forward Bypass1-31
 Aft Bypass1-35
 Inlet Control Parameters1-39
 Automatic Restart1-41
 Controls & Indicators1-43
 Inlet Control System1-47
Fuel System1-47
 Fuel Tanks1-50
 Feeding & Sequencing1-50
 Boost Pumps1-54
 Transfer System1-55
 Tank Pressurization1-55
 Heat Sink System1-58
 Air Refueling System1-60
 Controls & Indicators1-61
Electrical System1-67
 Emergency AC1-68
 External Power1-68
 Circuit Speakers1-71
 Controls & Indicators1-71
Hydraulic System1-86
Landing Gear System1-89
Nosewheel Steering System1-90
Wheel Brake System1-91
 Controls and Indicators1-92
Drag Chute System1-93
Primary Flight Controls1-94
 Elevon Control1-96
 Rudder Control1-100
 Manual Trim1-100
 Surface Limiter1-102
 Computer BIT1-103
 DAFICS Preflight BIT1-103
 SAS Logic1-113
 Mach Trim System1-126
 Automatic Pitch Warning1-126
 APW Controls & Indicators1-127
 APW Operation1-128
Pitot Static Systems1-133
Pressure Transducer Assembly1-135
Flight & Navigation Instruments1-135
 Airspeed-Mach Meter1-135
 2" Standby Attitude Indicator1-140
 3" Attitude Indicator1-141
 Attitude Indicator-RSO1-144
 Magnetic Compass1-144
Communications & Avionic Equipment1-145
Interphone System1-145
 Normal Operation1-147
COMNAV-50 UHF Radio1-147
 UHF Control Panels1-150
 Remote Frequency Indicator1-151
 MODEM Control Panel1-151
 Distance Indicator1-152
 UHF Antennas1-152
 UHF Operation1-152
AN/ARA-48 Automatic Direction Finder1-159
AN/ARC-186(V) VHF Radio1-159
 VHF Operation1-161
HF Radio, 618T1-161
HF Radio, AN/ARC-190(V)1-162
Instrument Landing System1-165
 ILS Control Panel1-165
 Marker Beacon1-166
IFF Transponder1-167
 IFF Control Panel1-167
 IFF Normal Operation1-169
 IFF Emergency Operation1-170
G Band Beacon1-171
I Band Beacon1-171
TACAN System1-171
 TACAN Control Panel1-172
 TACAN Control Transfer Switch*1-174
 TACAN Operation*1-174
 Deicing System*1-175
 Rain-Removal System*1-175
Canopies*(See Page 1-176)1-175
 Rear-View Periscope1-179
Map Projectors1-179
 Pilot's Map Projector1-179
 RSO's Map Projector1-181
Lighting Equipment1-183
 Exterior Lighting1-183
 Forward Cockpit Lighting1-184
 Aft Cockpit Lighting1-185
Environmental Control Systems1-185
 Pressurization Schedules1-186
Life Support Systems1-194
 Oxygen System1-194
 Emergency Oxygen1-195
 Full-Pressure Suit1-197
 Torso Harness1-198
 Oxygen Mask1-198
Emergency Escape System1-199
 Ejection Seat1-199
 Primary Ejection Sequence1-203
 Secondary Ejection Sequence1-204
 Egress Coordination System1-204
Emergency Warning Equipment1-206
 Master Warning System1-206
 Nacelle Fire Warning1-207
Miscellaneous Equipment1-208
Trainer Aircraft1A-1

* Page Missing or Lost